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GC SA Holding Room w/ GC Advantage IMP Gastight Envelope


  • GC Storage Atmosphere Rooms for Long-Term Freshness
  • Nitrogen replaces Oxygen to Prolong Storage Time
  • Tight Control over Room Atmosphere
  • Low-Oxygen Environment Inhibits Bio-Contaminates
  • Converts to Extra Dry/Cure Room
  • GC Advantage Gastight Seal System on IMP Room Envelope
  • GC Gastight Doors with Egress Hatches
  • Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, RH, Temperature, and Lighting Control
  • GC KiloWatch for Automation and Remote Access

GC Gastight Doors and Nitrogen Generators used to Create GC SA Rooms

We at Grow Controlled LLC know that maximizing product output and quality doesn’t end at packaging. When there are market fluctuations, you never want to sacrifice the quality of the product you’ve put so much time into making as good as it can be. With GC Storage Atmosphere room technologies, by altering and controlling the atmosphere in a room precisely, we are able to maintain fresh-drop quality for months!

The process behind these rooms begins with the construction. Creating a gastight room envelope is key to economically and reliably controlling an environment as accurately as possible. Insulated metal panel construction is standard practice for creating rooms throughout the growing and drying process, and that same logic transfers into the GC SA method. By using the GC Advantage sealing process over all the panel, ceiling, and floor joints, this gastight envelope is able to keep the modified atmosphere in the room. Our proprietary GC Gastight Doors are then implemented, completely isolating the storage to a sub 1% O2 environment.

The sub 1% oxygen environment required for long term storage is created by replacing the majority of oxygen in the room with nitrogen from a GC Nitrogen Generator. The PSA technology separates the nitrogen molecules from outside air, then pumps that into the room, forcing the room air to outside via our GC-CO2-SV one-way valves. This inhibits oxidation of plant and other bio-materials, in turn contributing to longer storage life.

Our refrigeration system using reheat coils also effectively regulate humidity without the need for traditional dehumidifiers. With our GC KiloWatch controlling all of these parameters, GC SA holding rooms maintain and deliver fresh product on your schedule, maximizing it’s quality and value.

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 6 cm


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