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Dehumidification Meter



  • Accurately Measures Water Removalin a Grow Room
  • Simple to Use and Install
  • New or Retrofit Installation
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Automatic Calculation
  • Assurance at a Glance

The GC Dehu Meter uses sensors in the dedicated PVC pipe arrangement to measure and count the amount of water being removed from a grow room. Fitted to the drain lines of either the cooling coils or dehumidification units, this device can accurately track the amount of condensate water actually leaving a room. This, at a glance, allows the grower to rest easy his equipment is working optimally. Thanks to its simple design, it can be fit to new construction or retrofitted to existing systems. Our proven and reliable automated slide valve opens and closes electronically, thereby causing water to build in the translucent portion of the column, opening when full. Based on the volume, the total pints per day are automatically calculated and reported. Quick and easy, this real-time information can prove to be invaluable to an operator to know of a problem with dehumidification before obvious low counts show a problem in the plants or high or uncontrollable relative humidity.

Array of GC Dehu Meters on Individual Drain Line