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GC PA Grow Room w/ GC Gastight Door & IMP Gastight Envelope


  • Patent-Pending GC PA Grow Room Technology
  • Increased Yield and Consistency with GC PA Grow Rooms
  • Oxygen-Reduced Rooms to Simulate Higher Altitude Growing
  • GC Advantage GC Gastight Seal System on IMP Room Envelope
  • GC Gastight Doors with Egress Hatches
  • Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, RH, Temperature, and Lighting Control
  • GC KiloWatch for Automation and Remote Access

Product Detail in Patent Pending GC Pressure Atmosphere Grow Rooms

At Grow Controlled LLC, we are always looking for ways to improve and implement the best growing practices. Historically, cannabis products have grown very well in mountainous regions. With modern technology, our patent-pending GCPA grow rooms can simulate those higher altitude growing environments by simply reducing the oxygen level around the plants, letting them exhale as easily as they do in the mountains. When altering the oxygen, our in-house laboratory trials where the only variable is available oxygen (14% vs 21% O2) have proven to yeild 18-20% more flower production. We continue to push the cannabis plant into higher production by using automated control of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. The possibilities also exist to alter light cycles, which allows for substantial energy savings, or even the ability to squeeze in an extra grow cycle every couple of years. These patent-pending pressure atmosphere concept and GC PA grow rooms enhance the production, decrease microbial activity, and offer quick payback for the extra steps needed to complete the GC PA process.

Ultimately, we are reducing the partial pressure on the plants by simulating the atmosphere of a higher altitude, thereby allowing the plant to breathe easier and create more flower. Creating a gastight room envelope is key to economically and reliably replicating these conditions. Our proprietary  GrowTight Doors and GC Advantage IMP sealing methods completely
isolate the growing environment. Our refrigeration systems using reheat coils also effectively regulate humidity without the need for traditional dehumidifiers. With our GC KiloWatch controlling all of these parameters, GC PA grow rooms deliver not only a yield and quality increase, but cleaner, consistent product.


The chart below shows how the oxygen and air pressure levels can change at different elevations. The combination of the difference in available oxygen levels and related atmospheric pressures, left uncompensated, can result in differing growth results.