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  • Automatic Curing
  • Self-Contained Control of Low O2 Atmosphere for Long Term Holding using Bottled N2 Gas
  • Automatic Operation & Full Data Recording
  • Internal Sensors for O2, CO2, RH and Temperature
  • Hydrate Dry Product
  • Introduce Terpenes
  • Standard Sizes for 12 RPCs (65 lbs) and 18 RPCs (95 lbs)
  • Cloud-Based Monitoring and Control
  • Dashboard Showing Multiple CūrPods

The CūrPod MAX System is a hermetically sealed stainless steel enclosure with a dark cover and utilizes a gas tight seal. Standard models have capacities for 65 or 95 pounds of product in 12 or 18 standard 15.5 x 23.5 x 7.75 inch plastic crates.

  • No Guessing
  • No Labor
  • No Burping
  • Automatic Operation
  • No Recordkeeping
  • Full Data Recording

Each CūrPod is self-contained with built in Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, temperature and Relative Humidity sensors with digital communications to a cloud site. Built in control valves and blowers regulate the connected nitrogen, air, or humidity supply to accurately maintain the programmed levels.

  • Customize & control Oxygen & CO2 levels
  • Perfect your curing process for consistency
  • Preserve product with high N2 levels for up to 12 months
  • Stock pre rolls for up to 12 months with fresh drop flavor

The individual measured data is regularly collected and can be displayed on a program that runs on the PC or can be exported to Excel or other common programs. The CūrPod MAX connects to an internet cloud-based dashboard, also accessible from any device. There, multiple CūrPods can be viewed at a glance from an overview screen, with individual data and setpoint adjustment available with a click. Historical data is available for export and download, as well, to aid in record-keeping.

  • Breakdown chlorophyll and sugars, not terpenes
  • More time growing; less time curing
  • Reduce microbial contamination
  • Increase average cost per pound
  • Easily maintain fresh drop appearance for up to 12 months
  • Consistent cure process
  • Remarkable terpene retention



Oxygen: 0-25% or 0-2.5% Auto range Resolution: low range +/- 0.002% O2 Electrochemical 4-year long life sensor Carbon Dioxide: 0-50000 ppm Resolution: < 5% 0.002%>5% 0.02%


Control Gases required: Nitrogen with an oxygen content lower than minimum required CA Oxygen.
Fresh Filtered Air. CO2 if required. Gas supply inlet pressure 1 to 3 Bar (15 to 50 psi )

Automatic atmosphere control with included operations.
Control Setpoints for Oxygen and CO2 adjustable to a 0.01% resolution. Gas control differentials 0.05%, CO2 add differential 0.2%.
Air added for CO2 control: Air flow adjustable 0.1 to 1 L/min
Nitrogen added when Oxygen is measured high or when CO2 is high. Adjustable flow 0.2 to 2 L/min. Owner to supply N2 bottle with regulator.
Additional flow rate adjustable from controller from 100% to 1% of maximum flow over a 5 minute period.
Descant tube for Humidity Control.


ON when control gases being added. With no gas addition, adjustable over range 1 to 5 minutes on every 5 minutes.


Probe with a typical accuracy of 0.1°F available for measuring and recording the CūrPod temperature


The flow of correction gases into the CūrPod are automatically discharged to atmosphere through a vent.


O2, CO2 and temperature recorded to cloud site. CSV downloadable app or desktop web interface


Oxygen at typically 1% in a static CūrPod (no product, no correcting gas) will remain within 1.0% O2 over a period of 24 hours.


Standard Sizes: 12 or 18 x RPC crates (Typical Single RPC size: 40 x 60 x 20 cm), Approx. 60 or 90 lbs capacity
12 RPCs: 56.5” x 51.5” x 25”h (with Casters); 18 RPCs: 56.5” x 51.5” x 32”h (with Casters)

CūrPod MAX & Controller

CūrPod Cloud Interface

CūrPod MAX with Lid

Stacked CūrPod MAX Array in Temperature Controlled Room

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 6 cm


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